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Dina Juve's nutrition plans are based on her experience working with clients to lose weight and tone up quickly. These programs are intended for weight loss and/or leaning out only. No health claims are being made. Your participation in this program is completely voluntary. It is your responsibility to check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. You assume all risks when following this plan. It is your responsibility to stop immediately if something does not feel right.  

You agree not to copy, forward or sell this plan to anyone. This plan is intended for the purchaser only. You are aware and agree to allow Dina Juve to use your results for all marketing material, including testimonials, proof that the plan works and Facebook posts. Any deviations from the plan(s) need to be emailed to Dina Juve in order for her to be able to help you through this struggle and successfully coach you on these programs. Purchasing this plan online indicates you haver read this agreement in full and agree to the terms. You assume all responsibility.  It is your responsibility to look for any food allergies and take to your medical doctor before starting any nutrition plan.